Who is the BBB?

BBB  stands for the Better Business Bureau. BBB is a private, nonprofit organization that strives to promote marketplace trust by encouraging businesses to adhere to local and federal business regulations in the US and Canada.

BBB BBB stands for the Better Business Bureau. The BBB’s goal is for businesses to comply with local and national regulations in the US and Canada. The organization also strives to foster consumer trust of existing businesses by acting as a mediator when consumer concerns arise.  stands for the Better Business Bureau. BBB is a private, nonprofit organization that strives to promote marketplace trust by encouraging businesses to adhere to local and federal business regulations in the US and Canada.

What Does the BBB Do?

BBB offers voluntary accreditation for US and Canadian businesses that promise to make authentic efforts to come to an agreeable solution when handling customer complaints. When a business volunteers to become BBB accredited, it means that business adheres to the BBB’s standards ? BBB Accreditation Standards, From bbb.org website concerning resolving consumer complaints efficiently and ethically. The membership offered by the BBB includes monitoring and periodic reviews to ensure consistent compliance with the industry-specific business ethics. Businesses also receive mediation support from the BBB when handling complaints submitted by consumers.

The Better Business Bureau offers free mediation for consumers who have issues with their accredited businesses. The BBB also will conduct investigations when consumers report an offer or business that appears to be illegal or fraudulent.

History of BBB

BBB has been an active organization for over 100 years. The organization unofficially began in 1912. However, the events that help create the BBB started back in the 1800s. In 1872, Congress saw the need to devise regulations to prevent fraudulent companies from taking advantage of consumers via false advertising. Therefore, Congress gave the Post Office the power to sanction penalties on businesses that did false advertising via mail campaigns. Prior to 1880, there were no restrictions on advertisers, and they could make false or exaggerated claims without penalties. However, the October 1880 issue of the Farm Journal was the first publication that expressed a uniform effort to eliminate nonbelievability within advertising.

By 1906, the Federal Pure Food and Drug Act was holding companies liable for dishonest advertising. In 1911, the Associated Advertising Clubs of America devised their Ten Commandments of Advertising ? 1911 Associated Advertising Clubs of America ten commandments of advertising, from Encyclopedia of American Journalism, Routledge, Dec 11, 2007 which promoted truthful advertising practices and business ethics. Other Vigilance Committees arose throughout the country to help regulate business advertising practices. These efforts helped form Vigilance Committees that functioned as Better Business Bureau prototypes in 1912. Then in 1928, the Better Business Bureau became recognized by the Federal Trade Commission as an organization that helps in regulating advertising, and that recognition was made known nationwide in 1941.

BBB Headquarters

The BBB is in Arlington, Virginia. The headquarters is at 3033 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 600 Arlington, Virginia U.S. 22201.

What are the benefits for consumers from BBB?

Consumers are given a mediator that will help them try to resolve issues they’ve had while using a company’s product(s) and/or service(s). Consumers can go to the BBB website to file complaints about businesses that engage in potentially unethical practices using an online submission form. Complaints specifically dealing with automobile issues can be done using their auto line. ? BBB AUTO LINE Dispute Resolution Services. Consumers also gain access to a database of companies that promise to adhere to ethical and good faith practices concerning handling consumer complaints. Consumers needing military educations resources for active members, veterans and military family members can use the BBB’s military line. ? BBB Military Line, website link.

In most cases, the mediation provided by the BBB resolves the need to pursue costly legal action to resolve issues with a company’s product(s) and/or service(s). Also, consumers can report potential scams by using the Scam Scam: this term refers to a pharmacy that engages in behavior for the purpose of stealing people’s identity, money or credit card information for dishonest intents. tracker ? BBB Scam Tracker, website link. feature on the BBB’s website. The results of each investigation are compiled and documented on the BBB’s website under the scam tracker tab.

Customer Reviews on BBB

Customer Reviews on BBB

No consumer reviews were found on the BBB. However, there were some employee reviews on the company. Most reviews are positive concerning business practices and treatment of employees. The most consistent drawback of the company is limited growth potential within the company.

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