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Verified makes it simpler for Canadian residents to access their prescription medications online by carrying a variety of products on their website. It’s always worthwhile to consider an online pharmacy’s credentials before purchasing anything from them, though. As such, consider some of the following before placing your order with this online pharmacy.

  • Domain Name Details
  • Registration Date
  • Owner Country
    Canada, United States
  • Contact Information
  • SSL certificate
  • Business Information
  • Name
    Okanagan Pharmacy Remedy’sRx
  • Address
    Unit 24 5500 Clements Crescent, Peachland, BC, V0H 1X5, Canada
  • Certificates, Licenses and Regulatory Approvals
  • CIPA
  • NABP
  • PharmacyChecker
  • LegitScript
  • Customer Support
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Live-Chat
  • Hours
    Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm (PST), Saturday: 10 am – 2 pm (PST), Closed on Sundays and Holidays
  • Shipping and Delivery
  • Mail Order
  • Courier Mail
  • Track Number
  • Free Shipping Option
  • Payment
  • Credit / Debit Cards
  • E-Check
  • Bitcoin
  • Coupon Codes
  • Coupon Code
  • Special Offers

Business Information, Name, and Address Contacts

If you’re looking to get in touch with the folks at, the pharmacy has provided a number of avenues through which you can reach one of their representatives. If you have a question about one of your orders or any of the prescriptions that claims to carry on their site, make sure you get make your call or send your email during their hours of operation for the speediest of replies. The phone numbers at which the pharmacy’s representatives can be reached are as follows:

Toll-Free: 1-844-767-2911
Local: 1-250-767-2911

Alternatively, if you have any information you’d like to send to by mail, you can reach them at the following address:

Okanagan Pharmacy Remedy’sRx
Unit 24 5500 Clements Crescent
Peachland, BC, V0H 1X5, Canada

If you’d like something of a faster response, then also provides a contact form through which you can reach out to one of their representatives.

Domain Name has operated at its domain A domain is the official name of a website. It contains the combination of letters used that direct people to one particular website when people type it in on their browser. name since 2017, suggesting that the pharmacy is somewhat new. The contact information for the site, identified by Whois Whois: this organization verifies the accuracy of provided identifying information for registered domain names and provides a database that consumers can use to research a domain name’s identifying information. .com, also falls in line with the pharmacy’s claims that it is Canadian-based and operated. whois


SSL SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL was created to protect shared online data. The software gives consumers a safe method of inputting their personal information without having to worry about whether their information will be compromised. Certificate

The online pharmacy is also considered to be a secure site to access by generic web browsers such as Google Chrome. ssl Certificate

Norton Secure

Some online pharmacies list the names of the folks they’ve partnered with in order to ensure consumer security through badges on any of the pages of their website. By displaying these sorts of partnerships, potential consumers can know that the online pharmacy in question is safe. doesn’t partner with some of the typical security aids, such as Norton Secure, but the site does emphasize that it has been approved by NABP NABP stands for National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). This association acts as a global regulatory agency that accredits pharmacies and monitors their maintenance of governmental compliance. , or the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. ? National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia website. Security

ScamAdviser ScamAdviser ScamAdviser

Scamadviser Scamadviser verifies the trustworthiness of existing websites and provides this information as a research database (with identifying information, malware history, client reviews and site age) for consumers. considers to have a low trust rating, though the site has not been entirely blacklisted. ScamAdviser reports that the online pharmacy doesn’t have any malware reports filed against it, but rather that it is a new website, and that said newness makes it a little suspicious, or at the least, untested in the eyes of a potential consumer audience. Likewise, ScamAdviser claims that is housed by a compromised server, suggesting that consumer credit card information may not be as safe as some folks would prefer.

Certificates, Licenses and Regulatory Approvals

Whether or not an online pharmacy complies with medical legislation is different from whether or not the site is actively part of a Scam Scam: this term refers to a pharmacy that engages in behavior for the purpose of stealing people’s identity, money or credit card information for dishonest intents. , but both pieces of information can help a user determine whether or not a particular site is safe to order prescriptions from.

Canadian International Pharmacy Association Canadian International Pharmacy Association

CIPA CIPA stands for Canadian International Pharmacy Association. This association networks with government agencies to regulate Canadian pharmacies and ensure these pharmacies are properly licensed. CIPA-verified pharmacies are considered legitimate pharmacies that offer efficient and safe healthcare products. , or the Canadian association of licensed, retail pharmacies, does not list as one of its registered pharmacies. This is likely because is not a pharmacy based in Canada. While the site’s contact page suggests that it provides prescription medication to folks around the world, Canadian citizens may be out of luck when it comes to using this site to avoid larger pharmacies’ higher prices. The lack of appearance in CIPA’s database does not indicate that it is an unsafe site to visit, but rather that the online pharmacy hasn’t sought out licensure in Canadian provinces.

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

As has already been noted, is listed as an approved pharmacy through the NABP, or the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. The NABP focuses primarily on online pharmacies that are able, if they meet the organization’s standards, to sell their prescriptions in the United States. ? Digital Pharmacy Accreditation, By National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) website. As such, their approval gives this pharmacy an extra vote of confidence. National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

Legitscript Legitscript is considered an approved online pharmacy by LegitScript LegitScript monitors internet pharmacies and verifies their legitimacy. The service also monitors existing internet pharmacies to ensure these sites are consistently safe to use for online purchasing. . In approving of the site, LegitScript claims that as a website, meets its verification standards – it does not violate some medical legislation or steal users’ information, and it does not fail to meet verification standards.

Customer Care offers its to-be consumers a number of ways to get in touch with its representatives if something should occur with their orders or if they have any questions about the medications that has available for purchase. The toll-free number that the site has made available is as follows:

Toll-Free: 1-844-767-2911
Local Calls: 1-250-767-2911

Unfortunately, the site does not make a live chat available to its consumers, but has an email address at which pharmacy representatives can be reached personally and directly:

[email protected]

Representatives can be contacted, in fact, through the pharmacy’s contact form, which representatives can respond to at their leisure.

Products and How to Order How to Order

For the most part, appears to provide the same sort of medications that the majority of other online pharmacies do. The online pharmacy does not specialize in medications that assist with sexual dysfunction, but medications that fall into that category, like Viagra and Cialis, are readily available on the site. also emphasizes, though, that it provides medications for pain, eye fatigue, ? Eye Fatigue: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment, By WebMD website. and other bodily needs, so long as consumers have a prescription for the medication they’re requesting. Products

Shipping and Delivery Shipping and Delivery

Shipping through will vary, based on where you’re ordering from, but you have the option upon ordering to receive two day free expedited shipping, meaning that your prescription medication is likely to arrive as soon as possible. Non-prescription medications ship more expensively, but they usually arrive within the same amount of time. If you happen to live in Peachland, Canada, you’re in luck – you can order your prescription medication online, then head into the store to pick it up without having to pay for shipping.

Payment Options accepts all major brands of debit and credit card as valid forms of payment for the prescription medications it carries, including Visa and MasterCard. Reviews

There aren’t many reviews available discussing’s customer service. Normally, this review would look to TrustPilot to get a better understanding of the pharmacy’s online reputation, but unfortunately, the Trustpilot page for this pharmacy is blank. This could be attributed to the pharmacy’s supposed newness, mentioned in its ScamAdviser review. Reviews

Also worth noting is the lack of safety rating available for perusal on WOT and the lackluster reputation rating – seeming outliers in terms of data that would help determine this pharmacy’s online reputation. Reviews


Overall, is NABP certified ( Legit Legit or Legitimate: this term refers to a pharmacy that successfully satisfies the minimum legal requirements set forth by federal regulations concerning pharmaceutical companies. The drugs and other medical products offered will be legitimate products. ), and its reviews through LegitScript and similar sources suggest that it is a respectable online pharmacy from which consumers can order their prescription medications from. Even so, ScamAdviser recommends that new consumers approach this site with caution. In light of all of this information, receives a four star review out of five.

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