Review – A NABP Approved Pharmacy, but Is It Safe?

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Verified is a online pharmacy that dispenses prescription services in Canada. They offer affordable and safe medication and supplements to their consumers.

  • Domain Name Details
  • Registration Date
  • Owner Country
  • Contact Information
  • SSL certificate
  • Business Information
  • Name
    London Drugs
  • Address
    12251 Horseshoe Way Richmond, British Columbia, V7A 4X5, Canada
  • Certificates, Licenses and Regulatory Approvals
  • CIPA
  • NABP
  • PharmacyChecker
  • LegitScript
  • Customer Support
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  • Hours
    Customer Service hours are 8:00am - 10:00pm Monday through Saturday and 9:00am - 8:00pm Sundays and Holidays (Pacific Time)
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    Yes is not your typical type of pharmacy since it does not only offer medication but also sell other appliances such as cosmetics. ? Cosmetics, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia website. The pharmacy also has an interesting history having been established in 1945 in a small establishment in Main Street, Vancouver. It has grown to a massive drug store. A great story right? But,we still need to establish whether this pharmacy is legit. Is it a safe-to-use pharmacy? Let’s get to the bottom of this.

Business Information, Name and Address

We kick off our review by establishing the business information available on As you are already aware, the business name is London Drugs. It offers various prescription services that include optical medication, insurance services, emergency preparedness services, and home and health and beauty products. You can contact this pharmacy using the customer care service number 1 -888-991-2299. contacts is located in various parts in Canada. It has stores in more than 35 major markets throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. ? Get to know Canada – Provinces and territories, By Government of Canada website. All the stores addresses (postal codes and phone numbers) are listed on their website as will be shown in the screen shot below. Address Address Address Address

You can also connect with via social media platforms.

Domain Details of LondonDrugs

On our second step, we sought to verify the owner of the pharmacy, its location, administrative status, and registration. To do this, we ran a check of domain A domain is the official name of a website. It contains the combination of letters used that direct people to one particular website when people type it in on their browser. , with the help of Scamadviser Scamadviser verifies the trustworthiness of existing websites and provides this information as a research database (with identifying information, malware history, client reviews and site age) for consumers. and Whois Whois: this organization verifies the accuracy of provided identifying information for registered domain names and provides a database that consumers can use to research a domain name’s identifying information. . These two websites allow people to quickly scan a website they want to use and find out if they are a fraud or legit. We found very interesting results.

WhoIs Check WhoIs Check

ScamAdviser Check ScamAdviser Check ScamAdviser Check

Domain Security Check

From our domain details we gathered, we found that has transparent with their pharmacy’s details. This is impressive. The domain owner is given as Gabriela Whincup while the pharmacy has been live for 3 years. The physical owner location is in Canada and the website is located in the United States. ScamAdviser gives it a trust rating of 100%, which means that it is a safe pharmacy. We also noted that the domain is also secured with a Comodo SSL SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL was created to protect shared online data. The software gives consumers a safe method of inputting their personal information without having to worry about whether their information will be compromised. certificate.

Certificates, Licences and Regulatory Approvals

Does meet the health and pharmaceutical standards necessary in operating a legal online pharmacy? Well, to establish its legality, we ran a check on four bodies that protect the interest of consumers and drug manufacturers. These bodies include CIPA CIPA stands for Canadian International Pharmacy Association. This association networks with government agencies to regulate Canadian pharmacies and ensure these pharmacies are properly licensed. CIPA-verified pharmacies are considered legitimate pharmacies that offer efficient and safe healthcare products. , PharmacyChecker PharmacyChecker verifies whether an international online pharmacy is legitimate and in compliance with PharmacyChecker’s verification criteria. The organization also verifies the pharmacy’s compliance with its national governmental regulations for pharmaceutical companies. , NABP NABP stands for National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). This association acts as a global regulatory agency that accredits pharmacies and monitors their maintenance of governmental compliance. and LegitScript LegitScript monitors internet pharmacies and verifies their legitimacy. The service also monitors existing internet pharmacies to ensure these sites are consistently safe to use for online purchasing. . CIPA and PharmacyChecker are Canadian based certification schemes while NABP and LegitScript regulate pharmacies based in the US.

Canadian International Pharmacy Association Check CIPA Check

PharmacyChecker Check

The pharmacy isn’t listed on PharmacyChecker as Rogue Rogue Pharmacy: this term refers to a pharmacy that has failed to satisfy the minimum legal requirements set forth by federal regulations concerning pharmaceutical companies. Typical pharmacies that would be considered rogue are those that engage in marketing counterfeit drugs and other healthcare / medical products. Also, those involved with smuggling drugs into other countries are also considered to fall under the rogue category. or legit.

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Check NABP Check LegitScript Check

A check on CIPA revealed that does not appear in the CIPA member database. Also, a check on PharmacyChecker did not bear any fruits either. The pharmacy is however approved by NABP and LegitScript. This means that is licensed to operate in the US as per the NABP and LegitScript requirements but it is not yet licensed to serve customers in Canada.

Customer Care offers customer care services through phone calls, emails, and social media networks. They look to have good customer service as tailored phone numbers and postal addresses of all 35 offices are listed on the website. When you have any inquiries, you can also call them via the general customer care number, 1-888-991-2299.

Products and How to Order offers both prescription and non-prescription drugs which are listed alphabetically on their site. This makes it more convenient for you to search for the drug you need to purchase. You will also notice from the screenshot below that there is a search engine box that you can use to also find any medicine. Products gives you three ways of ordering and buying drugs. You can order online, make a phone call or via mail. If you prefer to order online, go to the website and add your drug/s to your cart, then login and checkout. Alternatively, if you settle for ordering via mail, fill in an order form that is available on the website with details of the type of drug among others then send it to them.

Shipping and Delivery only ships to Canadian addresses at the moment. According to their site, orders are ready for delivery within two hours after you place an order. Moreover, all orders made past 6 pm will be ready the following day by 1 pm. As for the shipping info, we found that the shipping cost differs with rates based on your order. Shipping Delivery

Payment Options accepts payment via Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, American Express, Interac Online and Paypal. They encrypt your credit card in order to secure your card. Payment Reviews

What is the experience of consumers who have interacted with To find the first hand user experiences, we rummaged the net for reviews particularly on TrustPilot and WOT. Reviews Review

We got no reviews on TrustPilot and we only got one positive rating on WOT. This is surely not enough to tell the consumer perspective of the pharmacy.


In a nutshell, we can say that this pharmacy is Legit Legit or Legitimate: this term refers to a pharmacy that successfully satisfies the minimum legal requirements set forth by federal regulations concerning pharmaceutical companies. The drugs and other medical products offered will be legitimate products. . In fact, it is certified by LegitScript and NABP even though PharmacyChecker and CIPA weren’t in their picture. For these reasons, we can confidently give 4 out of five stars. We can say that it is a safe pharmacy to use in the US but remember it is still not certified in Canada!

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