Frequently Asked Questions

What is CanadianPharmReviews.com?

CanadianPharmReviews.com is an online site that provides authentic consumer reviews on Canadian and international online pharmacies. This site is a perfect reference tool you can use to determine if an online pharmacy is legitimate before making any decisions to purchase online medications.

If you are considering buying from a particular Canadian or international online pharmacy, just check out the company’s review page to see if consumers have reported good reviews, complaints or scam incidents.

Why should I read Canadian and International Online Pharmacy Reviews?

Although it’s safe to get prescription drugs online, you need to make sure you choose trustworthy pharmacies. A lot of people are cautious about buying prescriptions online because of fear of getting fake drugs, fear of being scammed or fear of having a repeat negative experience. Therefore, it’s important to know which online pharmacies are worth using and which ones should be avoided.

Our website helps make the task easier of knowing which online pharmacies are trustworthy because we provide a list that identifies which Canadian and International online pharmacies are verified, trustworthy or potential scams. We also give each online pharmacy an overall rating based on consumer reviews and feedback from those who use our website.

Why should I choose CanadianPharmReviews.com to check online pharmacies?

We make it a point not to review the online pharmacies personally because we want consumers to speak for themselves. Therefore, our site visitors can expect to find authentic consumer reviews and star ratings of online Canadian and international pharmacies when they use CanadianPharmReviews.com. Your personal or medical data is kept confidential, and we will never sell this data to third parties.

All reviews are verified to determine if the reviews are authentic customer reviews. We check user IP addresses and may contact the reviewer by email if we suspect a review is fake or submitted by a pharmaceutical company.

How are Canadian and international online pharmacies rated?

Canadian and international online pharmacies are rated according to the following criteria that we believe are essential to providing customers a positive experience:

  • Price
  • Product quality
  • Order delivery timeframe
  • And other factors.

A good online pharmacy will rank high on all the criteria listed above. But remember, even good companies may have minor flaws. So, it’s important to look at the overall outlook of the company when determining if an online pharmacy is worth using.

Because we strive to provide accurate information, we welcome any comments you may have if you discover any information on our site to contain any errors.

Can people living in the U.S. buy drugs online from Canadian or international pharmacies?

Although it’s illegal to purchase drugs from other countries for importation (selling) or reimportation (reselling), it’s permissible to purchase drugs from other countries for personal use. According to the FDA, you may not be able to go to Canada or visit an online Canadian pharmacy to purchase drugs to sell them to others, but you can order prescription drugs online if you’re personally using them as long as the prescription has a U.S. equivalent, meets Customs qualifications and is no larger than a 90-day supply.

Can I get prescription drugs at a cheaper price from Canada than you can in the United States?

If your prescription prices have increased this year, then you might be glad to know that brand name and generic drugs usually cost less in Canada. Because there are no federal regulations in the U.S. that ensure the affordability of drugs, you can expect U.S. drug prices to be higher. However, Canada has federal regulations set forth by the Patent Medicine Prices Review Board that oversees the prices of patented drugs. So, you can expect Canadian drug prices to be much cheaper than prices established in the U.S., and you, too, can seize the opportunity to get your medications at more affordable prices.

Although the prices of over 600 drugs in the U.S. have drastically increased in 2020, you can rest assured knowing that you can get the same drugs for much less in Canada.

How do I find out where a drug is manufactured?

U.S. and Canadian prescription drugs are made in a variety of global laboratories. For example, a lot of the prescription drugs you buy come from Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Malta, Singapore, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. However, it’s a challenge determining which geographical region made your medications because the manufacturing companies – including the ones in Canada – don’t have to provide information on what country made them. Although the corporate headquarters may be listed on the label, the location of the manufacturing facility is usually in another region.

Can I get a doctor’s prescription online?

Getting the prescription can sometimes be the most challenging part of getting prescription drugs because people often have difficulty finding the time to get off work to make a doctor’s appointment. Also, high doctor copays can deter people from wanting to get a prescription. So, if you’re wondering if it is possible to get a prescription online, then you can rest easy knowing that the answer is yes. However, some conditions have to be met to get a prescription online.

Tele-prescribing (also known as remote consultation) is the term that refers to the process of getting a prescription online, and it is a vital part of the practice of telemedicine. Because telemedicine is a practical way to cut expenses, it is gaining a lot of popularity among health insurance companies. Another reason telemedicine is gaining popularity is because it is a great alternative to taking time off work to go to a doctor’s appointment. Therefore, telemedicine has paved the way for people to get online prescriptions for all medications except controlled substances.


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